Child Safety Seats

As of March 16, 2020


Car Seat Installation program SUSPENDED.

Please understand that our first-responders are at a great risk to being exposed to potential COVID-19 through their regular daily operations. With young children and expectant parents being at risk populations, we wish to reduce the unknowing exposure to COVID-19 by temporarily suspending the inspection program. This suspension is effective immediately, and until further notice. Updates will be made here on our Facebook page, and the City of Manassas Park’s Webpage. City of Manassas Park residents may still call the station and ask to speak with a Certified Car Seat Technician during this time if they have any questions.

Station 9: 703-335-8845


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Child Car Seat Installation Assistance and Inspection

Virginia law requires children ages seven (7) and under to be secured in a child restraint device.  Proper use of a child safety seat can reduce fatal injury for infants and toddlers.

Manassas Park Fire and Rescue strongly supports child passenger safety. When a citizen Car Seatvisits our fire station at 9080 Manassas Park Drive, a certified technician can inspect the provider’s installation of a child’s car seat.  The program is intended to assure seats are properly installed.  You can be assisted with the installation of an uninstalled seat if necessary, please clarify your needs when you call.  Appointments are highly recommended as we do not always have a technician on-duty.  Please call 703-335-8845 to confirm availability of a certified technician. Last minute inspections are not a problem either.

A fact sheet on car seat, booster and seat belt safety is available at Safe Kids USA