Emergency Management

Planning Today for Tomorrow’s Emergencies

There are man-made as well as natural disasters. Do you know how to respond if disaster strikes where you live or work?  Sign up for Manassas Park Alerts to receive critical information about emergencies such as severe weather, road closures, missing persons, neighborhood and school evacuations, etc. Individuals can go to https://www.ready.gov/ for preparation information if disaster strikes.

What You Should Do…

Prepare an Emergency/Disaster Response Plan. A new guide at Ready Nova helps Northern Virginia families and businesses create an emergency/disaster response plan.   Also build an emergency kit to better prepare yourself and your family.

Build an Emergency Kit

What We Are Doing…

The City of Manassas Park has an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for the management of major emergencies and disasters within the city.  It identifies how the City will respond to and recover from a major incident and is triggered when it becomes necessary to mobilize resources to save lives and protect property and infrastructure.  The Plan is in compliance with National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Emergency Management Accreditation System standards.

Successful implementation of the Plan is contingent upon a collaborative approach with a wide range of partner agencies and organizations, at the local, state and federal levels, that provide crucial support during emergency operations.

Examples of Incidents Requiring Emergency Response

•  Biological incident (e.g. influenza pandemic)
•  Building collapse; construction accident
•  Fire, flood, hazardous material exposure
•  Hurricane, tropical storm
•  Mass fatality, nuclear/radiological incident
•  Pipeline spill/fire or explosion
•  Riots, civil disturbances
•  Severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, winter storm
•  Terrorist incident
•  Train derailment
•  Water distribution/water quality

City of Manassas Park Hazardous Mitigation Plan 2016